How We Help Build A Stronger Community

A sense of belonging is fundamental to the human condition. For many of us, it starts with feeling part of the community around us. It’s somewhere we develop our identity, find support and can play our part in working towards the common good. Within our communities, there are many people who need extra help, attention and care. They include some of the most vulnerable among us, including the elderly and lonely, the disabled or terminally ill. Read on to find out how and why you’ll be doing your bit with one of our community jobs when you join the award-winning Comfort Keepers team.  

Helping the Vulnerable Maintain Independence at Home 

At Comfort Keepers, we’re proud of the part our community jobs play in improving the welfare of society in general. We do this by supporting our clients with the professional help they need. That means providing things like vital disability, palliative and respite care. 

We have a range of service users across Ireland in need of someone special to help them continue living at home. These carers are our Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) and Support Workers. Through their community jobs, they provide vital services in people’s homes. 

They are often the unsung heroes within our society and wider communities. They quietly get on and play an integral part in maintaining the independence and dignity of those with challenging needs. 

What Does It Mean to Work in the Community? 

When you work for Comfort Keepers you become involved in areas of people’s lives that require compassion, empathy and sensitivity. Our staff often take inspiration from those to whom they provide homecare and build up a high level of emotional resilience as a result.  

Whether our employees spend their days in the office or out in people’s homes, our caring team all play a part in strengthening our communities.  

As a Care Manager, you may be organising extra help for someone who has had a cancer diagnosis and is becoming very ill. As a Care Coordinator, you may have to skillfully juggle the demands of a string of vulnerable clients, including children. 

A wide variety of homecare roles take workers to the places those under their care actually live. These include: 

  • Disability Support Workers 
  • Healthcare Assistants 
  • Social Care Workers 
  • Children’s Support Workers 
  • Rapid Responders 
  • Salaried Full-time Care Workers 
Disability Support Workers and Social Care Workers 

These enthusiastic professionals help make a positive difference in their clients’ lives. They organise and carry out personally tailored homecare plans. These plans ensure that those in their care reach their highest potential and achieve their objectives. 

Our team of carers helps people with their daily routines by assisting with personal care tasks. These can be things like bathing and dressing. They can include light housework duties as well, such as changing bed linen and doing laundry too.  

Our carers play an important safeguarding role in the lives of those they support. They also often offer companionship. They’re there to encourage social interaction and activities within the wider community when needed.  

Healthcare Assistants 

To a large extent, our Healthcare Assistants are the bedrock of our support network and the communities that they serve. For some clients, they may be the only human contact that they have in their daily lives.  

Our HCAs offer everything from company to help with preparing healthy meals. They’ll assist their clients with eating and using the toilet or managing incontinence. They’ll also play a part in ensuring their clients adhere to taking essential medication.   

They’re used to helping older persons who may be experiencing some form of dementia. Every client is different and that means no two days are ever the same.  

Some clients may be in need of palliative care. Sometimes our Healthcare Assistants provide respite care to cover for a family member who’s in need of a well-deserved break. Our staff are there to help support the community wherever the need arises. 

Children’s Support Workers 

Some children may have physical and/or sensory abilities that need extra support. They could also have mental health problems and/or intellectual challenges as well.  

Our Children’s Support Workers provide individualised, bespoke support. This maximises independence and helps those in their care achieve their full potential. 

It takes someone who’s kind, compassionate and patient to provide the necessary child care. Their support helps to create a more equal society and directly contributes to a more diverse and open community.  

Rapid Responders 

At times, all our communities have urgent needs. Our exceptional and highly experienced Rapid Responders can slot into any kind of situation. They’ll offer effective support to our clients at a moment’s notice. 

Although they work fixed hours, how our Rapid Responders will spend their working day will always be different. It will depend on the help our communities require at any given moment. That all requires flexibility, resilience and an ability to adapt to and manage all sorts of situations.  

Our Rapid Responders act as an important resource to our new recruits. They help with training and also contribute to the excellent standards our clients expect from our organisation.  

Salaried Full-time Community Care Workers 

Many of our Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers prefer to work flexible hours and/or on a part-time basis. They often have busy lives and need their work to fit in with the many other commitments they may have. 

Comfort Keepers also offers a number of homecare roles that offer fixed salaries and are full-time. These come with a wide range of excellent staff benefits.  

In a sense, Comfort Keepers’ staff are a reflection of the community at large. They often have different goals and personal circumstances. That’s why we see it as important to be able to offer a wide variety of roles that will match staff to the needs of all our clients. 

Become the Next Pillar of the Community With Comfort Keepers 

If you want to make a positive impact on communities across Ireland there’s no better way to do that than by joining Comfort Keepers. You’ll be helping others in whatever capacity you work in. There are also great career development opportunities too. 

Join our growing team now and help build an even better society. Get in touch with us here for an application form and search here for a list of all current homecare vacancies.    

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