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It takes a special kind of person to be a homecare professional in the community. For many, their job feels like a calling and comes from the heart. It’s tough work that can be both physically and emotionally strenuous. That’s why Comfort Keepers puts such a high value in looking after its staff. No matter which part of the company you work in, we all have one shared goal. That is to provide the highest quality care. Read on to find out more about why Comfort Keepers is one of the best and most rewarding places to work in Ireland. 

Some of the Key Benefits of Working in the Community  

One of the things our team of homecare professionals say they love is that no two days are ever the same. As a caregiver, you’ll look after the daily living needs of your clients. You’ll build valuable relationships with them based on mutual respect, trust and compassion.  

We know that our clients rely on us for far more than basic care services. That’s what makes our carers’ roles so special and so rewarding. By getting to know our clients, we can tailor our services to their personal needs and that helps us to stand out from the crowd.  

Here’s a brief lowdown of some of the reasons our carers choose Comfort Keepers to work for: 

  • “Guaranteed hours” permanent contracts  
  • Make a real difference in the wider society 
  • Enjoy flexible working hours at competitive rates of pay 
  • Have a voice and feel heard 
  • Free Training  
  • Many opportunities for career progression
  • Work near to where they live 
  • Fuel allowances for travel involved 
  • Culture of maintaining a healthy work-life balance 
  • Company benefits such as discounted health insurance   

The Best Training Available 

One of the unique things that Comfort Keepers chose to do is offer its own in-house training. When you’re starting out as a carer, you’ll have to earn a relevant FETAC/QQI Level 5 qualification or equivalent.  

Comfort Keepers can provide the two mandatory modules, Care of the Older Person and Care Skills, free of charge.  

Our sister company, Elevation Training, has been offering QQI accredited training courses for many years. It makes continuous improvements to the quality of its training through curriculum updates. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so confident that we can always maintain the very highest standards of care. 

Comfort Keepers prides itself in offering a three-day induction training programme before any carer works in a client’s home. Comfort Keepers also provides an online learning platform. 

It has lots of extra courses to support your development and give you the skills needed in all sorts of practical situations. These courses are completely free and available at a time that suits you. 

To complement our training, our homecare professionals need to have the following qualities: 

  • A caring and friendly personality 
  • An excellent understanding of health and safety issues 
  • An ability to constantly show respect to our clients  
  • Flexibility to move locations at short notice 
  • Great communication skills 
  • Reliability, patience and an ability to come up with quick, practical solutions 
  • An ability to be sensitive and empathetic to those in their care and other workers 
  • Emotional resilience 

Flexibility About Where and When You Work 

Comfort Keepers is able to reach almost the entire Irish population. Its services cover a vast geographical area. That means that we’re able to offer positions in a wide variety of places that suit where our homecare professionals live.

We’re able to provide client care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means we have shift availability that you can base around your needs. We understand that many of our staff have busy lives and have their own responsibilities such as taking care of family and their home. We want to make rosters as easy as possible for our team. 

At Comfort Keepers, we’ll match you with clients that need support at times when you’re available. Your coordinator will work with you to find cover if you need time off to take care of yourself or your family’s needs.  

We understand that many members of our team have personal commitments that mean they often prefer to work anti-social hours, for example. There’s plenty of choice around, including the option to work in a weekend emergency responder role that pays up to 18 euros per hour.  

Once qualified, our carers can choose to work as much or as little as they wish. We place great emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.  

Comfort Keepers even has its very own staff wellbeing programme called “Be Well.” 

Rapid Career Progression 

There are lots of opportunities to move up the career ladder or to switch to different areas within the company. Many of our carers choose to apply for coordinating or supervisory roles.  

They’re often an ideal choice to become Client Care Supervisors. That’s because they understand from experience what it takes to be a great homecare professional.  

There are plenty of office opportunities too. These range from Schedulers and Client Care Coordinators to a range of other administrative roles. There can also be jobs available in our Learning and Development, Finance and HR Departments to apply for too. 

Comfort Keepers is always looking for people who share its mission for: 

  1. Quality 
  2. Caring 
  3. Professionalism  
  4. Continuous improvement 

Comfort Keepers believes career development gives its employees something to look forward to. It also feeds the hunger to learn and grow, in life and at work. It is one of the things that helps to create and maintain a happy workforce. 

Do You Feel You’ve Got What It Takes to be a Comfort Keeper? 

Are you looking for a new opportunity with an award-winning, world-class homecare provider? If you are, then Comfort Keepers wants to hear from you. 

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