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For many, becoming a nurse is a vocation that requires a great degree of selflessness. However, the desire to put the needs of others first does not need to be a barrier when considering career options. By definition, trained nurses look after the sick and infirm but not exclusively in hospitals or other institutions. Caring for others who need extra help to meet their wish to remain independent in their own homes is a valuable nursing option. Read on to discover the considerable rewards of moving into homecare and how it could expand your horizons as a nurse.  

Why a Nursing Role at Comfort Keepers Is a Smart Move 

It’s natural for anyone thinking of a career change to want to know how it’s going to benefit them. To start with, here are some of the key opportunities and advantages of becoming a nurse with Comfort Keepers: 

  • Job security by working in a growing and exciting sector of health care 
  • Having more autonomy and freedom to manage and lead a care team 
  • A 50/50 combination of working from home and in the community 
  • Working sociable hours with no weekend work 
  • A highly competitive salary of around 45k with extra benefits 
  • A permanent position with excellent career prospects 
  • Joining an award-winning HSE preferred homecare provider 

The Importance of Our Clinical Nurse Managers 

All the nurses at Comfort Keepers are known as Clinical Nurse Managers who lead our homecare teams. Through their skill and expertise, they can ensure that our clients get all the multidisciplinary support they need at home.  

They have the right experience to understand the best use of resources. This enables effective service delivery to our clients and their families. 

It all starts with getting to know our clients, understanding their needs and assessing any risks. Our Clinical Nurse Managers will create a tailor-made care plan and ensure its implementation. They’ll review this every few months.  

Many of our clients are elderly and may suffer from a form of dementia. Others may have complex physical or mental health problems.  

Because of the diversity of these medical and social care issues, we need the skill set of our Clinical Nurse Managers to oversee them. Our Clinical Nurse Managers are there to bring everyone together who’s involved in a person’s care. That includes: 

  • Our Homecare Assistants 
  • Our clients’ GPs, PHNs and Health care Workers  
  • Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists 
  • Relevant HSE Departments 
  • Our clients’ families  

Our Clinical Nurse Managers act as a link between clients and health care professionals to ensure continuity of care. Travelling to see their clients helps build a close connection with them. It also offers greater autonomy and flexibility away from a hospital setting. 

Comfort Keepers encourages the personal and professional development of our Clinical Nurse Managers. Many go on to take on more senior roles in the private sector with Comfort Keepers.  

A Fulfilling Experience Working in the Community 

Our Clinical Nurse Managers tell us that they enjoy the opportunity to see “behind the scenes” in their clients’ lives. They can, for example, play a huge part in making the transition from hospital to home easier and less traumatic. They see the whole person and not merely a list of care needs. 

There can be huge challenges at home that can affect a person’s health and wellbeing. These are sometimes the simplest of things that many of us take for granted. They include:  

  • Transportation issues   
  • Difficulties reading the small print on medication bottles or even opening them 
  • Loneliness  

Our Clinical Nurse Managers are able to collaborate with the client, family members, and the healthcare team. They can then identify options, goals, priorities, and solutions. Their mission focuses on safety and stability. This involves a person-centered and integrated approach to homecare.  

Working From Home and in the Community 

Many of our Clinical Nurse Managers find it a refreshing adjustment to spend half their time working from home and then the other half in the community. It’s often also a welcome change after years of doing shift work in hospitals.  

Working regular hours from Monday to Friday is often a better fit with family life. It can result in a healthier work-life balance. For example, it will create opportunities to take up new interests. 

This means a future that can enable a commitment to a new weekly class or outdoor weekend activity. This often comes after years of working anti-social hours when meeting up with friends or joining a club were tricky or impossible to manage. 

Comfort Keepers has offices throughout most of Ireland. Each office then has a Clinical Nurse Manager attached to it. The expertise of our team of Clinical Nurse Managers is vital to meet our assurance of excellent home care. 

A Bright New Future in Nursing

If you are a nurse leaving a hospital setting or shift work environment, we understand that changing the habit can feel daunting. There is plenty to look forward to rather than worry about. More often than not, change is a very positive experience. 

Homecare is a growing health care sector. Comfort Keepers Ireland is part of a big organization with huge resources behind it. It is an HSE preferred provider of home care and the Clinical Nurse Manager role is a permanent position.  

There are great opportunities for career growth, competitive salaries, and regular hours on offer. There is also the chance to make a real difference nursing within the community. You’ll be enriching the lives of vulnerable adults who want the opportunity to stay independent in their own homes for as long as possible. 

Expand Your Nursing Career by Joining Comfort Keepers 

If you’re a nurse looking for a fresh career path and perhaps also the opportunity for a salary increase, we’d love to hear from you. We can then talk you through all the details of the Clinical Nurse Manager role at Comfort Keepers. 

Don’t miss out on an exciting and life-changing opportunity. Get in touch with us now for an initial chat about your career aspirations and also how we can help you to meet them.  

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