What skills and qualities are needed to be a health care assistant in Ireland

What skills and qualities are needed to be a health care assistant in Ireland?

Becoming a Carer is a career path that makes a valuable impact on clients, their families and the wider community. Whilst the work is highly rewarding, providing care can be challenging at times. When we recruit Health Care Assistants, it is our main priority that we bring in people that can provide the highest quality care to our clients. 

The challenges associated with being a Carer may not be the most suited to everyone. It is no critique or mark against someone’s caring nature if they’re not best suited to the position. It is merely a fact that it takes a special collection of characteristics and skills to be able to care for a client to the level and standard that one would care for their own family members. Read on to find out what it takes to be a Carer. 

You’re a people person 

You love talking and spending time with other people. Caring is a very social job, spending all of your time building valuable, supportive connections with your clients in order to best understand their needs. 

You can read a room well

You can always read the mood of the room and view yourself as having a lot of empathy for the feelings of others. As a Carer, you will need to be observant and recognise what your clients require in terms of personal care and companionship. 

You feel good when you help others 

You always do favours for other people and try your best to support those around you. Whilst being a Carer can be challenging, a huge part of its reward is knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life. If you love the idea of your work being meaningful and get a feel-good buzz from knowing you’ve made an impact, caring may be the perfect job for you. 

You’re friendly and approachable

You’re the first person to start chatting and you view the world in a relaxed, down-to-earth way. For clients, it’s incredibly important that their carer is a calm presence that they have no difficulty communicating their needs with. 

You’re diligent and open to learning

You approach everything you do with vigour and are always open to developing your skillset. To become a Carer, you need to go through an initial training period to get the necessary qualifications before you can work. Being a Carer involves constant learning and developing so you can provide the highest quality care possible. 

Do these traits sound like you? Well, you might just be the perfect person to become a carer.