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Why the Needs of Our CareGiving Team Are a Top Priority 

Think of some of the world’s greatest communicators. Two of the names that might top your list are Martin Luther King Jr. and Oprah Winfrey. They’ve both displayed amazing talent and reputations for engaging with their respective audiences. One of the myths about communication is to believe that it’s all about ‘talking the talk.’ It’s not. To excel as a communicator, you have to be able to listen too. Throw in a little empathy and you’ll be heading in the right direction. Read on to find out how Comfort Keepers has put the art of communication at the heart of what it does in an effort to look after its caregiving team and their payroll.

Listening to What Our Caregivers Have Told Us 

At Comfort Keepers, we pride ourselves in listening to what our carers tell us they need. We regularly conduct staff surveys so that we stay ahead of the game in how we care for our talented, hardworking team. 

We recognize what an important role our carers play in the lives of those they look after. Our award-winning business relies on their dedication and talent. Their visits can make all the difference to our clients by: 

  • Offering them company and giving them something to look forward to 
  • Helping them to live in a dignified and meaningful way 
  • Relieving the pressure on family members and friends 

Nurturing a high level of job satisfaction means getting our employee engagement strategy right. How our carers feel has a direct impact on Comfort Keepers as a company. A happy crew means better staff retention. It also helps maintain our reputation as an excellent employer within the business community. 

Choosing When to Get Your Carer Payroll 

Factors beyond the amount of carer pay can influence job satisfaction. Comparisons with others, expectations, debt, children and peers all play their part.  

As a result of in-depth consultation, we discovered that many of our carers wanted changes to the way they get paid. Some were finding it difficult to juggle rent, credit card bills, and standing orders with one monthly salary payment. Having listened carefully, our payroll department has acted on staff preferences. They’ve made some changes to the frequency that we are able to pay our carers. These changes offer everyone the chance of more flexibility. They better suit the diversity of lifestyles amongst our caregiving team. 

What Changes to Payroll Frequency Mean in Practice 

All our carers can now decide whether they wish Comfort Keepers to pay them once a month or bi-monthly. Choosing the bi-monthly option gives our team the chance to receive their pay twice within a month. 

The payroll team will make payments in the following ways.  

  1. Those who want us to pay them monthly will receive their salary credit on the 8th of each month. Our payroll team will calculate this credit by the hours worked from the 1st to the last day of the previous month. 
  1. Those who want to take up the offer of fortnightly pay will receive their salary credit on the 22nd and 8th of each month.  

Our payroll team will calculate the credit made on the 22nd of the month by the hours worked between the 1st to the 15th of the same month. 

Our payroll team will calculate the credit made on the 8th of the month by the hours worked from the 16th to the last day of the previous month. 

Sometimes these ‘pay days’ will fall on either a Saturday or Sunday. In these cases, the Comfort Keepers payroll department will ensure carers get their pay on the Friday before the weekend in question. 

This helps to fulfill any commitments our carers may have with their bank or other third parties on or just after the 8th and 22nd of each month. They can relax knowing that the credits they are expecting from Comfort Keepers will reach their destinations on time. 

Keeping Our Carers Connected with Those Who Pay Them 

We want our carers to be able to discuss the way we pay them at any time. That’s why we have created a dedicated query form that our caregiving team is always able to use to discuss carers pay.  

Our payroll team is there to discuss payment options and help clarify the information provided on payslips. It is our goal to offer our home care workers maximum support so that they can get on with what they do best- caring for our clients. 

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