Office Reviews and CAT Forms

Each year there are a number of official interactions each carer has with the office.

Office Reviews and CAT forms are very important documents. They will be completed either in the office or at a mutually convenient location.

These forms encourage and welcome a mutual conversation in order to help both you and the office work together to achieve the best working environment and also the highest quality care achievable for our clients.

The benefits

  1. It allows you to chat about your current roster and any feedback you may have on your clients.
  2. They allow both you and your client care coordinator to give feedback on any matters that have come up since your last meeting together.
  3. It gives you the opportunity to discuss your own career plans and your level of happiness in your role.
  4. They reiterate our way of work to ensure we all understand the boundaries within the care environment.
  5. It talks through your statistics since your last meeting and allows you the opportunity to discuss them further.

Also related to your office review is the CAT Form “Competency Assessment Tool”. This form is used to reaffirm that you and your team are happy with your skills and that you can refresh and upskill on all aspects required for the role.

Here you have the chance to then discuss any courses you have completed on LearnUpon.
These forms are thus very important. Each year, it is vital that each of us are refreshed on the critical parts of our roles.

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