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Many carers describe their career choice as a calling. They have a burning desire to help those less fortunate than themselves. Becoming a carer is an ideal way to satisfy this need. It offers rewarding work that benefits entire communities. The carers employed by Comfort Keepers make a real difference to the lives of many people. They’re a lifeline to those who struggle at home with the usual, everyday challenges. Read on to find out how to join our team and become part of a big family whose mission is to help and support those in need.

Home Care Work with Comfort Keepers is Rewarding 

 All our carers are stars and Paula Molloy has led by example. She won our coveted “Carer of the Year” award in 2019. A cancer survivor with two grown-up children, she battled through the pandemic, always putting her clients first. 

 “I enjoy the work and feel I make a difference to people’s lives, so I was happy to continue,” she says. “Sometimes I see my own clients more than I see my own family.” 

 Being a Healthcare Assistant in the community means building a unique and lasting connection with clients. When you know that what you do makes the world a better place for someone else, the reward is almost immeasurable.   

Varied and Stimulating Work  

 Paula will tell you that no two days are ever the same when you work as a carer in the community. Like others who’ve made a career change, she used to have a job in an office where she spent twenty years of her working life.  

 “I wouldn’t go back to the nursing home environment, working 12-hour shifts in one place,” she says. “I found that very hard.” Paula loves the variety her work gives her now. She enjoys being able to move around and see different people all the time. 

Sometimes what her clients like most is having a chat. Paula might be the only person that they’ll see that day. She appreciates the feeling of being part of a community that her job gives her.  

Most of Paula’s clients live within a few miles of each other. “Nine times out of ten when I get a call about a new client, I would already know that person,” she says with a smile. 


Peace of Mind for Other Family Members 

 It’s not just Paula’s clients who benefit from her care, their families do too. Knowing that their loved ones are in her capable hands gives them a sense of reassurance. 

“The families know that their loved one is being looked after and that you’re helping them. This is especially true in situations where the family is out working and not back until evening time,” she says. 

Carers may also pick up issues that can crop up before a family member is even aware of them. Sometimes they’ll be able to feed this information back so that everyone has the full picture of the current situation related to a person’s needs. 

There will be times when a client’s family decides to take a well-deserved holiday. They can rest assured that their loved one is safe in the care of one of Comfort Keepers’ carers 

Better Job Satisfaction 

 Most types of work offer some level of reward but being a carer in the community often brings better job satisfaction. This is particularly true when caring for those who live by themselves. 

“I have quite a few clients that live on their own. Even to just change the beds or put fresh laundry on for them makes all the difference. It’s great to be able to help them with things that they’re not able to do for themselves. That’s a good feeling,” explains Paula. 

“The clients are waiting for you to come in and are looking forward to it. They get so used to you being there,” she says. “Some clients, when I started with them, had never had carers, they didn’t want carers and now wouldn’t be without them.” 

It’s carers like Paula who are responsible for this change in mindset. They make themselves indispensable because of the huge differences they make in people’s daily lives.  

Comfort Keepers Offers Flexible Working Hours if you Join our Team 

 Many of our carers have to juggle other personal commitments along with their careers. Comfort Keepers is able to offer a variety of flexible hours to suit all kinds of lifestyles.  

We know how important it is to get the right work-life balance. That’s one of the reasons why we’re able to provide as much or as little work to suit our carers’ needs. We see ourselves as one big family always there to support each other.  

 As a sizeable organisation, we’re able to offer other benefits too. These include: 

  1. A Personal Retirement Services Account (PRSA)  
  2. Discounted healthcare insurance 
  3. A free uniform 
  4. Free QQI training for Healthcare Assistants   

Great Career Prospects if you want to join our team

Some of our carers choose a varied career path within Comfort Keepers. This can take them into other parts of the organisation. There are opportunities to become a Care Supervisor or Client Care Coordinator, for example.

Others who’ve started as carers have gone to become Client Care Managers.  

You may believe that being a carer is always going to be the right role for you. Even so, it’s good to know that there are other options should you ever change your mind. We’re always there to offer support whatever you choose in the future. 

Start Loving Your Job Now! Join Our Team 

At Comfort Keepers, we’re proud to have such a talented and caring team that includes carers like Paula Molloy. It’s clear our carers love the work they do and benefit the lives of many people at the same time. 

We’re always looking for dedicated carers to join our team. If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a Healthcare Assistant with Comfort Keepers, and want to join our team apply here right now.  

Who knows? Next year you could be the winner of our “Carer of the Year” award! 

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