Guide to Qualifications for Carers 

Training and qualifications have a double-sided impact. They inspire confidence in others and they give value to those who have them. At Comfort Keepers we want our clients to have faith in the care they receive. We also want our carers to feel respected and to reach their full potential. That is why we place such importance on training and development. Find out more about the help we can give our carers to gain industry-recognised certifications. We’ll be taking a look at the qualifications every carer should have.  

Firstly: Comfort Keepers Has Its Own Dedicated Training Division 

Elevation Training is our specialist training company. It delivers a 3-day induction training program to all our carers before placing them in a client’s home. During the initial 3-day course, we assess our carers for their compassion, kindness, and ability to care for others. Our training builds on these competencies. We’ll also look at issues such as timekeeping along with their communication skills. 

The induction program takes each carer through our policies and procedures. We examine how they play out in real-life scenarios.  

During the training sessions, our carers will get to grips with all the skills needed for effective personal care. These include: 

  • Washing and dressing others  
  • Using the bathroom and supporting our clients during mealtimes 

We aim to make the course as practical as possible so that our carers have the chance to get to grips with everyday tasks in a safe and simulated environment.  

The last day of our induction training course focuses mainly on manual handling. This helps make sure that our carers understand how to carry out this procedure without causing harm. The health and safety of our carers and clients are of utmost importance. We take these issues very seriously indeed. That’s why we provide regular training and support. 

Key Qualifications 

We are proud to be one of the HSE’s preferred home care providers. Furthermore, we’ve agreed with the HSE that every home care worker must have gained a Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Level 5 certificate in:

  • Care Skills  
  • Care of the Older Person 

Comfort Keepers is able to offer both these modules free of charge to our carers. Those embarking on training programs that could lead to awards at QQI Level 5 should have the following: 

  1. A Level 4 certificate or leaving certificate 
  1. And/or a comparable qualification or related work or life experience 
  1. Proficiency in reading, researching, understanding, drafting, and preparing information. This includes quantitative data across a wide range of topics. 

Also, if you’re unsure about whether you are eligible to enroll for any QQI qualification please get in touch. You’ll find the contact details you need at the bottom of this page. We’re here to help and encourage you. 

Care Skills (5N2770) 

This course gives carers the knowledge, skill, and competence to look after clients. At the same time, it examines how to maintain a safe and hygienic environment in a range of healthcare settings. Carers look at key topics such as: 

  • What client care entails 
  • The activities of daily living 
  • The range of distinct needs clients have and the skills to help them  
  • The right and appropriate way to use equipment in healthcare environments 

During this course, carers will also participate in practical demonstrations. These will show them how to help a client with grooming and dressing alongside drinking and eating. 

Care of the Older Person (5N2706) 

This course helps our carers get to grips with their role in relation to caring for older people. It gives our carers the knowledge, skill, and competence to look after them effectively. 

The course covers care in a range of healthcare settings. It examines the individual and unique needs of all kinds of older people. It explores key topics like: 

  • The concept of the aging process 
  • Best working practices in the provision of individualised holistic care 
  • How to meet the full range of client’s needs in a variety of care settings 
  • How to improve the quality of life of the older person 

Once they begin working for us, our carers undergo a continuous training and development program. Extra online training is always available too.  

Full Major Level 5 Awards and Certifications 

The two  Level 5 modules, Care Skills and Care for the Older Person are a minimum requirement. Comfort Keepers also expects our carers to be proactive in trying to gain a major award in healthcare. This is to ensure our carers reach their full potential as excellent carers. 

Elevation Training offers courses in a range of modules. That includes those required to complete a healthcare qualification at Level 5 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). It delivers 2 major awards in healthcare: 

  • Community Health Services 5M4468 
  • Healthcare Support 5M4339 

Each QQI accredited module has a credit value assigned to it. To achieve a major award, carers have to complete a number of individual modules.  

Each module has a credit value of 15. That means a carer must complete a minimum of 8 modules to achieve a major award. There’s a broad spectrum of modules to choose from that suit specific interests and goals. Topics include:  

  • Nutrition 
  • Exercise and fitness 
  • Nursing theory and practice 
  • Child development 
  • Psychology and social studies  
  • Palliative care support and recovery in mental health 

Achieving a full major Level 5 Award is an exciting opportunity to learn more about your chosen profession. It helps build confidence and equips our carers with the tools they need to continue growing. Comfort Keepers is able to generously subsidise large parts of the training. We see this as a sound investment in ensuring excellent levels of care are deliverable in the future.

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Understanding the certifications, qualifications, and eligibility criteria to become a carer can be confusing. This should never be a deterrent to applying to work for us.  

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