Employee Training Cultivates Our Team’s Talent

Comfort Keepers have been providing courses for our employees since 2008. Learning and development for all our employees have always been a core focus for us.

We strive to provide our employees with a supportive and encouraging environment. That’s why we provide all our staff with the highest standard of training and education. We want our employees to be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide clients with the best care. See below a video on some of the benefits. We expand on further on the specific training and qualification below.

Training, Learning & Development

We want to ensure our employees know exactly what working for Comfort Keepers Ireland is like. This is why we provide an intensive induction training for all new employee.


We continuously invest in our induction training proces. This is to ensure that it is always the most innovative and engaging it can be, while effectively communicating our brand and messaging to new starters.

Communication & Care

Our induction course provides employees with the policies and procedures that are integral to Comfort Keepers Ireland, but also provides practical information and training. By providing our employees with the practical skills they need to properly perform their duty of care, we ensure our employees and clients received the best in quality care.

Comfort Keepers’ induction provides communication skills and practical techniques so that all our employees know how to communicate effectively with clients and their families.

Training Excellence

This is all provided by Elevation Training, our sister company and in-house Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) accredited training centre. 

Elevation Training are providers of specialist training in the area of healthcare. They have particular expertise in supporting learners returning to education. We concentrate on assisting learners to achieve their educational and occupational goals in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Elevation Training’s vision is to give learners confidence in their learning. They wish to inspire them to continue to progress on their academic and vocational journey. 

Part 1 — Online Training

We create robust training plans, coordinating our messaging across our e-Learning materials.. This ensures employees are socialised into the Comfort Keepers culture and brand to the best of our abilities, so that they felt a sense of belonging to the community and loyalty to Comfort Keepers.

We achieve this using an award-winning e-Learning platform, which prioritises interactivity and learner engagement to maximise desired learning outcomes. The software allowed us to translate our static PowerPoints to interactive multimedia modules. These have proved much more engaging for new starters.

We keep this platform current with regular updates and adjustments, and are delighted to be able to provide this for you free of charge when you begin working with us and commence training.

Part 2 — In-classroom Learning

During Comfort Keepers training, our homecare team develops skills in personal care. These include washing, dressing and personal hygiene as well as an understanding all activities of daily living.

Manual Handling is also taught during these in-classroom days, as some clients may need manual assistance to move. Others may need the aid of a hoist. Whatever the requirement, it’s vital that our Comfort Keepers team know how to help in a way that’s safe for everyone.

We take a detailed approach to this part of the training programme. We spend sufficient time to ensure our carers have the confidence and expertise to handle clients comfortably and securely.

Part 3 – Shadow Visits

Shadow Visits

Once you have completed the online and in-classroom trainings, you can begin your shadowed visits in the community. These are done with an experienced carer or supervisor to give you the most support possible. It helps you start your journey off on the best foot!

At the same time, you will also be completed your Care Skills and Care of the Older Person modules. This is only if you have not done so already.

Comfort Keepers provides these trainings free of charge for all new starters who need them.

We hope this post gave you an insight into what training at Comfort Keepers is like!

Refresher Training

Our carers have to complete refresher training regularly. This ensures that they’re right up to date with any new industry developments. It allows us to incorporate continuous feedback from our clients and carers. This helps us create fresh and highly relevant elements within our courses.

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Every person has an inner spark. It’s something age and illness cannot take away. That’s why, at Comfort Keepers, we go beyond daily care needs to nurture those unique qualities. We wish to bring about a sense of hope, connectedness, purpose, and most importantly, joy. From 1 hour of care per week to 24/7 complex care, Comfort Keepers’ clinically-led team have got your care needs covered.