Comfort Keepers Stars Awards 2019

The Comfort Keepers Stars Awards put a focus on the excellence of our Comfort Keepers teams across the country yet again 2019. 

With our good friend Daithi O’Se on MC duties, our 9th annual Stars Awards was a perfect chance to get together, recap the year, share our achievements and to appreciate those that always go above and beyond in their field at Comfort Keepers. 

Learner of the Year – Tiago Narcizo

Tiago showed immense passion and determination to complete his training with us. Although he found it tough, he pushed himself extensively and tried all in his power to ensure that he did the best he could. Tiago also discovered opportunities to adapt his research to real-world scenarios right throughout the course and used his insight to support others in the classroom.

CK Customer Focused Person of the Year – Laura Murphy Bradley

Laura has always put our clients and caregivers at the centre of her work.  She perpetually shows how vital it is to be a voice for our most vulnerable members of society. She is champion for our carers who in their goal of providing our clients with the highest level of care every day.

CK Brand Ambassador 2019 – Chris Murphy

Brand Ambassadors represent the ethos and ideals of Comfort Keepers and share it with those around them in a positive, inspiring way. This year, Chris Murphy showed his dedication and devotion to Comfort Keepers and to the provision of world-class home care.

Rookies of the Year – Vanessa Shields & Temi Lateef

The Rookie of the Year award is for the fresh rising stars who have joined the CK family over the year. In 2019, we’ve had two rookies that we’d like to highlight. The two recipients of this award have been with Comfort Keepers for almost a year, and in this short period of time, they have excelled in their role and are well on their way to becoming top performers within the company.

Client Care Quality Person of the Year – Ciara Furey

The Client Care Quality Person of the Year Award highlights the importance of professionalism and quality in ensuring the safe provision of treatment. The recipient of this award has excelled in client-centred services. Ciara is a true voice for our clients. 

Support Function Person of the Year Runner Up – Katarina Radova

This award casts a light on the stand-out supporting role some of our team provide through their day-to-day work as voted for by their peers. Your Runner Up this year, Katarina, is co-ordinated, diligent and incredibly reliable. She dedicates herself to recruiting new members for the Comfort Keepers family and has been the first port-of-call on many of our personal Comfort Keepers journeys. 

Support Function Person of the Year – Vlad O’Neal

Comfort Keepers’ Mr Fix It, Vlad O’Neal is 2019’s winner! 

Client Care Advocate Person of the Year – Lisa Miley

Our client care champion, Lisa works to ensure that clients’ interests, integrity and values are always prioritised.

Employee Engagement Person of the Year – Pamela Brennan

Pamela shows a deep love for her job and a holistic dedication to caring. 

Branch of the Year – North Dublin

The Branch champions of 2019 are deserving champions because they have not only progressed and re-evolved over the year to serve the demands of customers and carers, they have also developed their quality and service delivery. Every day, they aspire to be flexible and prepared and are always focused on helping each other, their clients and their caregivers. 

Employee of the Year Runner Up – Joanna Murphy

Always the first to volunteer and to help others. Always a warm face and a helping hand to support us, Joanna goes about her work with relentless dedication.  As we say in Irish, she’s an outstanding Oili˙nÛir. 

Employee of the Year – Vivienne Darcy

Vivienne is seen by all as a natural leader and a phenomenal team player. A great motivator and solver of problems, she always keeps cool under pressure and works hard to ensure that her work is of the highlight standard. She’s loved by her clients, HSE and her team.